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ReGeneration Teens

ReGeneration Teens is formally known as Teens for Christ (TFC).

Our world is changing like never before.  With the internet and other forms of media and communication, almost anyone can be in contact with the rest of the world in only a matter of seconds.  Now as never before, we need to prepare our youth to know what they believe and why they believe it.  It's with this mission in mind that we at Twin Oaks approach our youth ministry.  In an environment that is both friendly and fun, we help our youth establish a biblical foundation that will last them a lifetime. 

Wednesday Night Youth Service

This is the major training time for our teens.  We engage in areas of Biblical Studies, Discipleship, Theology, Ethics, and Apologetics.  We want our teens to be ready to face a very difficult world.  There is also music, games, and food almost every week.  This is a time our teens look forward to each week.

September through November & January through May

Wednesday 6:00 - 8:00 PM

Summer Bible Study

We have a great time in our summer Bible Study.  Your teens are bored during the day when they are out of school.  We come together most weeks during the summer and study God's word. We also hang out, eat, and grow together.

June thru August

Check Calendar for Dates and Times

Youth Outreach and Missions

We do a variety of outings and events in RGT.  We believe that there is no better way for your teen to grow in their faith than to do the work of the Gospel.  Our teens have gone to multiple locations spreading the good news of Jesus.  We believe our RGT students can make a real impact.

Check Calendar For Missions Opportunities and Events

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