AWANA 2020

Kick-off is October 25!

For Parents

  1. Each child is assigned a leader.

  2. Children can complete sections at their own pace.

  3. No login needed to participate!


Nate & Jade have a few helpful reminders and questions for our clubbers!

What is AWANA?

Children are encouraged to participate in games and memorize Scripture. They are taught about Jesus and how to live a Christian life.  Each Awana ministry is divided into three general areas:


  1. Game time— Children enjoy interactive games, created around the Awana game circle.    

  2. Handbook time— Trained leaders work with small groups of clubbers assisting them in memorizing Bible verses and other learning activities.  Children earn Awana shares and awards for passing sections in their handbooks.  Clubbers usually save their Awana shares and use them to purchase some great toys or prizes from the Awana store.

  3. Counsel time—During Counsel time, your child is exposed to a message or object lesson from an adult that is Bible based. 

Our AWANA Clubs

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Truth & Training

Club Details


The toddler ministry for 2 - 3 year olds.

Toddlers are introduced to basic biblical concepts that we are a unique creation of God and that God loves us very much.  Puggles learn simple lessons through teaching cards, activities, music and more.


The preschool ministry for 3 - 4 year olds.


Child must be 3 years old prior to Sept. 1.


Pre-schoolers are taught basic truths about God, Jesus, sin and salvation.


The early elementary ministry for children in kindergarten through 2nd grade.

The children work with Sparky through the HangGlider, WingRunner, and SkyStormer handbooks.  Sparks learn about exciting people from the Bible and participate in group lessons.

Truth & Training

The elementary ministry for 3rd – 6th grades.

This energetic group of kids learn more about God, the Bible, Jesus and life application of Scripture.

Club Directors

Puggles Director - Heather Bowling
Sparks Director - Jennifer Boyd
Cubbies Director - Monica Menschner
T&T Director - Yvonne Walker

We conduct a background check through Lifeway on all of our children’s and teen ministry workers.   

For information about Awana International, click this link.


Awana Commander - Nathan Turner


Phone: 540-493-3221

Location-2313 Henry Rd. Ferrum, VA 24088


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